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5 December 1984
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( a mini-bio?!)

*yawns* not sure how to describe myself but the word that comes up the most is c.u.t.e -->me<-- the reason for this? its probably because im short! >.< ummm... im shy *blushes* but not with people who are close to me,... *rambles on to self* im british born chinese, i can speak cantonese but my writing skills arent fantastic...
the most likely things you'll catch me doing, is either sleeping [zZzzzZzzz..] , eating [MiSs GrEedy], shoppin, going out, clubbing, [most possibly D.r.U.n.K >.<], watchin TV [*worships*-->Louis Koo] or on the PC ["geek"]...thats how exciting my life is!

im a graduate now but still working p/t,.. miss lincoln uni so much its just an easy life, surrounded by your friends... i graduated in fashion studies, which is not as glamourous as it sounds!* -B.E.W.A.R.E- grrrr... miss being a fresher *tears hair out* especially cherrybel, we really are joint at the hip!! ^.^

~*LiKe tHe mOsT*~
*ring ring* , having fun, just being happy, spending time with my friends --> never get bored with cherrybel

liars (as long as your lie is for a good cause. i dont mind ^.~ ), hate worring,.. coz i always ask 'What If..? maybe i should start learning from my panic attacks before deadlines *nyah* being a ::moaner::

=sign out= [<-- my real + boring name] aka alan(havnt been called tht in a while) aka pants queen aka annabel aka spanner aka stumpy aka biatch aka short gal aka anna-ther aka wotever,........

~*::i waNt To MAkE morE fRiEndS,...AdD mE iF yoU liKE::*~

(( hello, its karohi and i hath helped you ^_^ )) <-- i always have to bother her about lj when i cant do something,.. arigatou 2 u!

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.. i want to be a cat when i grown up!..