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::Day NumBer One::

Having a moment where I just want to be alone & shut myself off.. had a completely lazy day only got half of what I had planned to do done, I keep putting my appraisal preparation off *arg* working is definitely no fun, Ive completely lost interest & 100% demotivated. Been desperately trying to find something else.. *fingers crossed*

So Im only looking forward to easter now, cuisine night on Tues at Guanabara. A Brazilian bar with lushtastic cocktails & *fingers crossed* samba lessons. Our plan is to go out once a month for a different cuisine , Mexican, Chinese, Lebanese...

Cant believe Im saying this but Im so glad to be going back to Grantham next weekend. Looking forward to seeing ulugliglogs & everyone,.. classic karaoke night *whoop* Then my mum's coming down to London with me on easter sunday. Luckily the trains are s.t.r.i.k.i.n.g on Tues (highly amuses me, been panicking about easter train strike for weeks now)...so there will be lots of shopping & feeding, I'll be spoilt as always! I feel so homesick but I cannot imagine moving home now that Ive been in London for 2 years.

->Update in ..My World..<-


-Moved house, I now live in Bow, east London with Tracy & Sarah, its a lush house but its also in the ::ghetto:: (no exaggeration either), but i do have a walk-in wardrobe *highlight*
-Missing Ames so so much, one of my best friends moved back home to Leeds, was devastated. Luckily I see her every few months but its not the same


-Enchanted Palace, Kensington Palace planned for next month.. looks like it will be so much fun, nice T&S day out~~
-Going to Barcelona in May with my parents, cant wait for some real sunshine! Have always wanted to go there, get to spend more time with them, so it will definitely be amazing.
-**Lady GaGa** concert again end of may, absolutely adore her! <3 (must get outfit hunting again, maybe a new wig this time)
-::Ibiza:: in August with a big group of girlies! So excited.. sun, sea, sand & lots of partying!
-Unbelievable amount of weddings this year, my two cousins, karohi, Cher (has 2! HK & UK, greedy!) & Alex *blinks*

..the new mattress is heaven..
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