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havent updated since last year + i really want to get back into lj again, need somewhere to moan or put my thoughts,.. they just keep swimming around in my head think it might drive me insane one day :p

hate having no money *cringes* feel like a social recluse.. had an amazing 'come dine with me' last weekend with the A*team girlies (and even an all nighter just watching hsm!) Alanna has finally been converted to l<3ving zac efron *winks* but this weekend,.. its my only free one but im so bored of just staying in! *tsk* definitely need to leave the house tomorrow, need to hunt for holiday stuff, havent found the perfect gladiator sandals yet. cant wait to go home again next weekend,... Alton Towers + BBQ, perfect combination!! *whoop*

weekend line ups
- kat + karla will be down, hope kat does not throw a kiddie fit at me again! too tired to play mind games, pacha night: kinky malinky!
- ulu + lumpers holiday to portugal, praia da rocha, cant wait! desperately want sunshine, need to escape from work so they will realise how important i am!
- mum's coming down for bank holiday, shopping + din dins
- **britney spears** l<3ve her!!think i will spend a bomb on her...

i voiced everything on wed in my appraisal,.. moment of truth, just waiting for the feedback now. i doubt i will get a pay rise or a promotion, as i told my merchandiser im thinking of leaving because there is no opportunities to progress *fingers crossed* also i had a few suggestions but i doubt anything would change at all. really detest this recession,.. i know for a fact people who work in the stock exchange have had a ::bonus:: + a 10% pay rise,... bastards! i am completely in the wrong job.

addicted to the books by stephanie meyer, l<3ve twilight.. the film wasnt how i imagined though.. slightly disappointed. am *gutted* if there is not going to be a premiere for xmen, really want to see daniel henney in flesh!

ps. happy birthday ulugliglogs!!

..think im turning into a hermit..
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