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went to cha cha moon with my cousin last week, like wagamama but chinese :p only £3.50 a dish -> c.h.e.a.p.o even bertter was she paid *tsk* am still gutted we didnt go to see mamma mia, now the trip is cancelled >.< even though i am poorness i still want to see it for the summer feel... we're going on a field trip tomorrow to the jane norman warehouse in coventry *yayness* --> field trip! camera ready ^.~

had an amazing weekend with cherrybel, apart from when we walked home sat night a bus ran over a glass bottle + it cut my leg, it wouldnt stop bleeding >.< *nyah* luckily i dont think i got any glass in it *eek* was trying to tweezer it out, makes me feel physically sick even if it is my leg.. going to end up with another scar,...grrr.. it was fab to see stacey+michelle, uni people again even though hana baby didnt turn up. she texted saying she got called in to work which is a blatant lie. she went out with her friend in the west end, apparantly her friend got spiked + they ended up in A+E til 5am. i think the main reason is because old street is on the opposite side to where she lives, i had to change buses to get home, not very pleasant when your drunk..

took cherrybel to the land of abercutie, it was the same naked guy ¬¬ feel cheated of a trip *hmph* but she did l<3ve all the pretty people..im not sure if ive changed or cherry + me have both changed.. i guess we have more things to think about than we use to at uni so we werent as happy as we use to be..

*arg* forgot to mention about my review, everything is great apart from ive been 'seen browsing the internet'.. i learn very quick, work under pressure, get on with everyone but i need to be more careful, checking work even though i complete everything quickly. so nothing bad ^.^ but i did get reminded i should just concentrate on knitwear dept, i should learn about more reports etc so i can progress instead of just 'allocating'.. which is very true.

went a mad spree in river island sale, bought the perfect tackiest shagaluf dress, it was floral with a diamante belt, and it had neon pink lace[!!] it looked hideous on...-> back it goes >.< but apart from that i got a gorgeous high waisted gold skirt, a bright green cami + a really cutie peach print cross back top.. now i am penniless o.0 well in a way i feel like i can see where ive spent all my money instead of just blowing it on food.. [which i have done too]

it feels strange that boy hasnt called or texted me for 2weeks? hmm... but i dont want to be the first to contact him.. i dont know why i should let it bother me *hmph* rah!!craving liquorice, but sonal couldnt find me any,... came back with dolly mix instead *blub*

..have chicago+spange to look forward to..
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YUCK! I never knew you liked liquorice =/