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::Pay day:: thought i would be ecstatic to see the money in my account but im probably numb from seeing the -overdraft figure- now.. was taxed £650 o.0 *not impressed*

had a toxic chinese take away last night, the sweet+sour sauce dyed my thumb orange o.0 *rah* think i might possible glow in the dark now!got coconut rice with it + some sesame prawns, proper pig out session.. the coconut rice had spicy ginger in it, sultanas etc... bit strange ¬¬ wont be going there again

*shopping spree*

have no clue what im going to wear them shoes with, a black dress + pink clutch bag[?] but i def need a black bag.. really love all the debenhams, julien macdonald bags... hmm.. this is my mission later ^.~ need one big enough to put my flip flops in! [after party shoes]

booked some tickets for 'forgetting sarah marshall', 22.50pm it finished around 1am :p so the plan is to fetch kat from the station on friday, drop her suitcase off at mine, go out for a meal + cinema. Saturday shopping, fetch Winx at lunchtime from the station + go out later to =Sound=.. so its all shop shop + party party!

..*count down* cant wait!..
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