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had a lovely easter at home, went out with ulugliglogs on good friday night, it was completely dead but it was fun! i usually dont drink jagerbombs because i dont like red bull but i just kept drinking them that night. had a major hangover the next day, could still taste it. Chris took me & ulu to lincoln, r.o.a.d t.r.i.p he's amusing, he thought the 'big' game's ko was 1.40pm when i told him, im sure it was on earlier. so when he did pick me up, the first thing he said was 'ko in 10 mins!!' ulu came out with a classic line, 'is scouting for boys number one?' ..dead serious.. *giggles*

met suzanne in lincoln, had some (much needed) lush chipie chips. i dont ever have fish & chips in london, its just not the same. had a real lazy day, slow mo & hung over.. that night Jenny took me & ulu to notts for Nandos & we saw 'Remember me', R.Pat was quite cute, he only showed one nipple through the whole film :p ulu was crying her eyes out at the end! *rolls eyes*

mum came with me down to London on sunday, had a lovely time shopping & feeding, she really likes my place apart from the offensive curry fumes from the neighbours :p always feel a bit homesick after she leaves..

its been gorgeous weather this week, was enjoying the sunshine in victoria park earlier with my flatmate. feel so shattered still from bank holiday. 4 days weeks are absolutely manic! had my appraisal yesterday afternoon, bad idea, was completely drained after the long day so i didnt let loose like i wanted to. it was all positive but i dont think anything will come out of it. *fingers crossed* much needed pay rise and promotion grrr..

looking forward to my second interview on Monday but im still debating whether i should be taking a maternity role? *arg*

need to work on the bikini body (so not happening) feel so fat after pigging out all winter *blubs*

..did i mention, i think theres a mouse in the house(!!)..
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