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Rah! was well annoyed on Sunday because we had booked that specific train + seats! But it was packed so they wouldn’t let anyone get on, bloody football fans ¬¬ leeds vs doncaster,… why wembley?! *nyah* I don’t see why they couldn’t get off the train as they haven’t booked seats, so they aren’t exactly priority! even though they added extra carriages on the next train which was 14mins later, we still didn’t get a seat! *anger*

It was torrential rain on Sunday >.< *tsk* mum bought a ginormous box of ‘dragon eyes’ fruit +a 5kg bag of rice for me, nearly killed me on the way home.. we went selfridges shopping, mum bought a Gucci bag.. she did offer to buy me that dkny bag I wanted.. but I just felt bad, so ive kept the one shes got me, its quite handy ^.~ [also bought another one from DP yday *eek* ive always wanted one since last year, even though its similar to my purple one] never have too many bags, its my new obsession over shoes.. took her to belgos, we munched a whole duck and a kilo of mussels, she even wanted dessert! Its sometimes a bit annoying having too much family, meeting up with everyone individually and chee’s family couldn’t meet on Sunday grr… went for ‘real’ kebabs, was gorgeous but went a bit meat crazy!

Stayed round boys tues night, so jealous of his flat, looks like a hotel, gorgeous view of the river and he has 2 balconies+ 2 bathrooms ! greedy! Should have a bbq at the weekend! He gave me freebie Andrew collinge shampoo conditioner + radox shower gel…I should work in marketing, they have all these ‘team building exercises’, bonuses and free drinks tabs ¬¬ *gutted* had Yo!sushi, love the novelty of it all, only had 9 plates, will do better next time!

Did I mention my mums friend wanted to set me up with a boy?! Completely random, my mum just ignored the subject when she bought it up :p ‘Anna doesn’t have a boyfriend but she just plays around’ think he must be real ugly if he needs people to help him ^.^

..its nearly the weekend..
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