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[10 Apr 2010|05:31pm]
[ mood | refreshed ]

had a lovely easter at home, went out with ulugliglogs on good friday night, it was completely dead but it was fun! i usually dont drink jagerbombs because i dont like red bull but i just kept drinking them that night. had a major hangover the next day, could still taste it. Chris took me & ulu to lincoln, r.o.a.d t.r.i.p he's amusing, he thought the 'big' game's ko was 1.40pm when i told him, im sure it was on earlier. so when he did pick me up, the first thing he said was 'ko in 10 mins!!' ulu came out with a classic line, 'is scouting for boys number one?' ..dead serious.. *giggles*

met suzanne in lincoln, had some (much needed) lush chipie chips. i dont ever have fish & chips in london, its just not the same. had a real lazy day, slow mo & hung over.. that night Jenny took me & ulu to notts for Nandos & we saw 'Remember me', R.Pat was quite cute, he only showed one nipple through the whole film :p ulu was crying her eyes out at the end! *rolls eyes*

mum came with me down to London on sunday, had a lovely time shopping & feeding, she really likes my place apart from the offensive curry fumes from the neighbours :p always feel a bit homesick after she leaves..

its been gorgeous weather this week, was enjoying the sunshine in victoria park earlier with my flatmate. feel so shattered still from bank holiday. 4 days weeks are absolutely manic! had my appraisal yesterday afternoon, bad idea, was completely drained after the long day so i didnt let loose like i wanted to. it was all positive but i dont think anything will come out of it. *fingers crossed* much needed pay rise and promotion grrr..

looking forward to my second interview on Monday but im still debating whether i should be taking a maternity role? *arg*

need to work on the bikini body (so not happening) feel so fat after pigging out all winter *blubs*

..did i mention, i think theres a mouse in the house(!!)..

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::Day NumBer One:: [27 Mar 2010|10:28pm]
[ mood | drained ]

Having a moment where I just want to be alone & shut myself off.. had a completely lazy day only got half of what I had planned to do done, I keep putting my appraisal preparation off *arg* working is definitely no fun, Ive completely lost interest & 100% demotivated. Been desperately trying to find something else.. *fingers crossed*

So Im only looking forward to easter now, cuisine night on Tues at Guanabara. A Brazilian bar with lushtastic cocktails & *fingers crossed* samba lessons. Our plan is to go out once a month for a different cuisine , Mexican, Chinese, Lebanese...

Cant believe Im saying this but Im so glad to be going back to Grantham next weekend. Looking forward to seeing ulugliglogs & everyone,.. classic karaoke night *whoop* Then my mum's coming down to London with me on easter sunday. Luckily the trains are s.t.r.i.k.i.n.g on Tues (highly amuses me, been panicking about easter train strike for weeks now)...so there will be lots of shopping & feeding, I'll be spoilt as always! I feel so homesick but I cannot imagine moving home now that Ive been in London for 2 years.

->Update in ..My World..<-


-Moved house, I now live in Bow, east London with Tracy & Sarah, its a lush house but its also in the ::ghetto:: (no exaggeration either), but i do have a walk-in wardrobe *highlight*
-Missing Ames so so much, one of my best friends moved back home to Leeds, was devastated. Luckily I see her every few months but its not the same


-Enchanted Palace, Kensington Palace planned for next month.. looks like it will be so much fun, nice T&S day out~~
-Going to Barcelona in May with my parents, cant wait for some real sunshine! Have always wanted to go there, get to spend more time with them, so it will definitely be amazing.
-**Lady GaGa** concert again end of may, absolutely adore her! <3 (must get outfit hunting again, maybe a new wig this time)
-::Ibiza:: in August with a big group of girlies! So excited.. sun, sea, sand & lots of partying!
-Unbelievable amount of weddings this year, my two cousins, karohi, Cher (has 2! HK & UK, greedy!) & Alex *blinks*

..the new mattress is heaven..

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..miss *forgetful* returns.. [26 Mar 2010|08:33pm]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

..im back!..
you will have to bare with me as i have been a lj virgin for so long~~ have no clue how to do anything anymore >.<

ps. highlight of the day: New memory mattress *whoop*
welcome back to dreamland again.. never mentioned i dreamt of ->Gordon Brown<- (very random) *arg* me and my dad were spies trying to get into 'the' number 10, but we failed and fell off the zip wire! was dangling in front of the window, full view of mr brown... mission FAILED


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[04 May 2009|09:39pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

*Eurgh* am completely s.m.o.k.e.d out,.. we left the pan on + went out, came home + the house was filled with smoke.. luckily the fire didnt go out or we would have had a gas leak! >.<

been an amazing bank holiday weekend, went to Alton towers on saturday for Madi's bday, thought it was only us guys but it ended being a family outing :p still cant believe i had to get up at 6.30am, even earlier than work! absolutely l<3ved it, def have to go for the scarefest in october. i still havent been on the spinball because everyone was scared *nyah* on the log flume, we went in height order, so i was at the front (no surprise) *nyah* even though i put my hood up + ducked but i was still drenched!! we got lost on the way back *not impressed* we got an uber bucket of pick and mix sweeties,.. been slowly munching through them all..ended up at madis + we meet more of the extended family.. she had a buffet, with amazing homemade desserts *yum yum*

last night, i finally saw kat, havent been out with her since xmas eve. we went to the black dog o.0 very nostalgic, drinks were only £1.50 so me + kat went crazy at the bar, ordering 3 drinks + lots of shots each!
creme egg corkys! *lush* we even sang 'breaking free' at karaoke *whoop whoop*

i still havent changed my monies for holiday, which i def have to do tomorrow~~ looking forward to my pizza express *greedy goat* so glad i have one more day off, 3 day week!

..one extra day..

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[27 Apr 2009|09:48pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

..Monday.. the most ::detested:: day of the week! Always the busiest day too *hmph* rain makes it seem so much worse,.. but hopefully it means we have a sunny weekend!

had a lovely sunny bbq yday to finish the weekend. was queuing outside oxford st primarni yday, am *ashamed* but it was half 11 o.0 got some cheapo sandals, bikini + tan boots which was only £6 -> s.a.l.e well impressed. when you get in there you just do a sweep stake but afterwards when you look into your basket, its completely junk..

met Ames at Westfield then she suggested a bbq, so we did a supermarket sweep. special sausages: pork+apple, pork+leek, old english + carmelised onion cheese sausages *yum yum* rolo cookies too. we nearly forgotten about the disposable bbq which Ames only remembered at the check out. she lives in a terrace house,the back + front are on roads so there was only a minimal bin area, not a 'garden', so we had a bit of an audience staring whilst they walked past.

we set it all out by the back door which of course kept setting the fire alarm off at least 5 times, no exaggeration,.. finally we took the battery out! then after a while Amy left me watching the bbq and the cardboard box caught on f.i.r.e *blinks* was screaming Ames to get water as we only had glasses of cider + malibu! we burnt most of the grass *fingers crossed* luckily the bush didnt catch on fire or the house might have gone too...*oopsie* but overall it was successful apart from c.r.e.m.a.t.i.n.g all the food (just to make sure it was cooked). henry came to join in the fun with his 'homegrown' herbs + potatos, making a salad + wedges!

we ended up watching a film, come dine with me and the baftas *yawn* i didnt get home til midnight, luckily it wasnt too cold as i wearing a summer dress with a thin cardi.

..one more day til sushi-ness, 2 more til Gareth Gates aka Joseph *whoop*..

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[25 Apr 2009|09:03pm]
[ mood | mischievous ]

havent updated since last year + i really want to get back into lj again, need somewhere to moan or put my thoughts,.. they just keep swimming around in my head think it might drive me insane one day :p

hate having no money *cringes* feel like a social recluse.. had an amazing 'come dine with me' last weekend with the A*team girlies (and even an all nighter just watching hsm!) Alanna has finally been converted to l<3ving zac efron *winks* but this weekend,.. its my only free one but im so bored of just staying in! *tsk* definitely need to leave the house tomorrow, need to hunt for holiday stuff, havent found the perfect gladiator sandals yet. cant wait to go home again next weekend,... Alton Towers + BBQ, perfect combination!! *whoop*

weekend line ups
- kat + karla will be down, hope kat does not throw a kiddie fit at me again! too tired to play mind games, pacha night: kinky malinky!
- ulu + lumpers holiday to portugal, praia da rocha, cant wait! desperately want sunshine, need to escape from work so they will realise how important i am!
- mum's coming down for bank holiday, shopping + din dins
- **britney spears** l<3ve her!!think i will spend a bomb on her...

i voiced everything on wed in my appraisal,.. moment of truth, just waiting for the feedback now. i doubt i will get a pay rise or a promotion, as i told my merchandiser im thinking of leaving because there is no opportunities to progress *fingers crossed* also i had a few suggestions but i doubt anything would change at all. really detest this recession,.. i know for a fact people who work in the stock exchange have had a ::bonus:: + a 10% pay rise,... bastards! i am completely in the wrong job.

addicted to the books by stephanie meyer, l<3ve twilight.. the film wasnt how i imagined though.. slightly disappointed. am *gutted* if there is not going to be a premiere for xmen, really want to see daniel henney in flesh!

ps. happy birthday ulugliglogs!!

..think im turning into a hermit..

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[30 Nov 2008|09:36pm]
[ mood | mischievous ]

jennybel has been entertaining me every weekend, so i havent really had much ::me:: time.. we had a high school musical weekend last time, that she loved its just great seeing her so much + spending time together

met alanna randomly after work on thurs, did a bit of shoppin 20%off at urban outfitters [didnt buy anything] then went for dinner at la tasca with tracey too, half price on the bill, the dessert was lush! the waiter that served us was a complete idiot:
i asked for diet coke, he replied 'no tap water, only bottled'
alanna asked for bread, 'no bread'.. but we clearly saw a table we bread
we ordered olives, but never got it yet it appeared on our bill
the only thing he did not misunderstand was 'keep the change'

might be moving in with amy + alanna next year *fingers crossed* so excited to finally have a party house!!have been looking already but theres nothing that catches my eye, guess im too picky ^.^ bought some bargain oasis shoes in the house of fraser sale, orignally £70 but it was £35 off and a 20% off on top --> £28! *beams* they are gold strappies, black suede and patent platform, absoultely lush [apart from i cant walk in them]

tracey put us on the invite list to the burberry sample sale yday,.. bought 3handbags + a cashmere scarf, spent ::£275:: >.< am complete poorness now *cringes* but i saved £800 really, saw the bag online for £350 and the scarf was £185 *beams* love the sale!ive done all my xmas shopping already, just have a few random bits to pick up.. *proud*

last night we had a curry night at tayyabs, went out in brick lane finally met amy's twin *whoop* didnt have much chance to talk to everyone, there was 20 of us, the place was tiny and there was a constant queue all through the restaurant [so people were standing around watching you eat] o.0 apparantly its the best place for curry. there wasnt even a description on the menu, the choices were limited. dont think im that impressed with it :p went to a grunge bar *eek* lotsa weirdos everywhere, some guy came up to me+rory, 'is that your girl?' 'you make a lovely couple, can i come to the wedding?!' hmm...he went on and on... there was some guy who kept stalking us and simon had to tell him to leave us alone *eek*
it was complete nightmare to get home, completely frozen even though i had a scarf, hood + mittens! we left at half 1 but didnt get in til 3am. i nearly got trapped on the bus + jennybel got left behind.. the bus was quite full so he shut the door, but me+this guy tried to keep the door open so i could get off, what a evil bus driver! grr..

so excited about <3 britney spears concert in june, cant wait til thurs *eek* i doubt i can even get on the website to buy the tickets but i have to, i really want to go!!its a sign that the tickets are out of my bday,.. im a really good girl i just want to see britney!

have my birthday planned but i doubt it will go according to plan :p hope cherrybel can come, shes just been a complete pain when i try calling her she never calls me back grrr.. you cant be busy 24/7 *sigh* only ulu is the most reliable..i tried booking ::roller disco:: but i think we will just have to go queue + if we dont get in we can head to p.a.c.h.a instead. friday, a take out+ girlie night in then saturday =p-a-r-t-y= finally on sunday jennybels going to make a roast.. looking forward to the weekend already...

..britney britney, cant believe its already december..

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[05 Sep 2008|10:01pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

went to the chilli crab fest on sunday with alanna, we didnt go til half 5 so we got ::crabs:: 2 for 1 ^.~ even got a freebie, a cutie stuffed crabio which is now my trusty screen duster :p brick lane was not my scene think im a bit snobby.. but honestly when people have dirty sheets on the side of the street selling naked action man, second hand furry slippers [v.i.n.t.a.g.e?], bits of rubbish.. umm it is slightly dodgy, a bit of an eye opener.. the whole place is a back street. there are real vintage shops with hidden treasures..but i havent learned to appreciate it yet, i do like browsing but seriously im not crazy about the musty smell. had the must have 24/7 bagel, which i kept in my bag for later.. think i bought it about 7pm saved it til 11pm ¬¬ *ewww* met amy, free tiger beer ^.~ stayed out for a few more drinks, ended up in a seedy place.. there was jesus on the dance floor, very random.

hana baby came round for wed, we had a pjama party with take away, me chinese + she had an indian.. she did want to go out for a meal but i wanted to save myself for cher. in the end it was just a quiet desperate housewives night.. just nice to share an evening with hana..

was a bit disappointed last night, the lebanese didnt have belly dancing *hmph* false advertising!!grr.. >.< was so great to see cher though, she looks like a proper pretty china doll now, very girly!she use to be a real tom boy but after becoming an air hostess shes a pro at makeup.. loved her look!we wandered around oxford st, then had our usually starbucks ^.^ heading covent garden way, we chose to go to Navajo Joe, had some shared stares, stuffed jalapenos, chicken.. fajita, smoked salmon.. fruit cocktails, baileys coffee... lovely evening just being with cher. was tempted to stay over at her hotel chat all night like we use to at uni. *blubs* shame i had store visits today, didnt want to be a dirty stop out ^.~ awww she bought me lots of goodies from her travel, a cutie victoria secrets bag, pink glitter mirror + face masks.. then she even paid the bill, *gutted* next time is defintely my turn. she will be back tomorrow *fingers crossed* but i wont be able to see her til december *sulks*

had fun on my store visits today, went to southampton + basingstoke, apart from the rain grr.. omg! was crossing the road but because my shoe was wet + slippery,.. it came off in the middle of the road. there was a car coming but all i cared about was my shoe, shouting 'shoe!' it is interesting seeing the stock room, staff, layout of shop.. its so much more fun than being glued to my pc in the office :p

.. <3 camden town..

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[30 Aug 2008|05:43pm]
[ mood | bored ]

feels like its been a long week even though its only a 4 day week,.. ZzZz... had a fab weekend with my mummy *blubs* miss her already.. fire+stone was quite nice, bit more interesting than pizza express but dont know if would go again.. lion king wasnt what i thought it would be like,... loved the -circle of life- scene with all the bizarre animals/humans,.. especially the giraffes, how do you walk with stilts on your hands +feet, keeping ur head upright for the long neck?!!but i fell asleep in some parts, madly chewing gum to try stay awake. went to see mabel's baby jack, hes so lazy, doesnt even wake up to feed.. hes so tiny, cant tell what shade he will be yet.. he looks like a tanned chinese baby at the moment. even greg jokes hes not his son, my cousins boyfriend is black so we expected the baby to be quite dark. went for korean with my mum dol bibimbap, kimchi + par jeon *yummy* ^.^ took mum to camden, abercrombie + selfridges.. it was great just to have a mum + daughter day :p

the mercatus system crashed at work on wed so we left at half 5 but we had to go in at half 8 ¬¬ *sigh* was it worth it?the only highlight was getting home for 6 to watch simpsons ^.~

now im having another boring saturday, im seriously considering getting a part time job but then i cant go home whenever i like >.< grr.. suzanne said why dont i work in the ocean again, then i get the best of both worlds, go home+work.. its not worth the train journey+losing my weekends again. this would be the first year where i dont have to work xmas eve + news year eve ever. i can actually party + celebrate ^.^

meeting cousin chee tomorrow to go to the chilli crab festival in brick lane ^.^ might even see alanna+amy at some point. hopefully it wont be raining, thunder storms >.< *nyah* meant to be seeing baby jack again, chee hasnt seen him yet..

feel really mellow after holiday,.. miss magaluf! looking forward to my long weekend + fashion weekend this month. cher is coming again on the 4th, bought her a gorgeous forget-me-not necklace, its a crushed flower inside a small glass heart. cant wait to see her, been months.. wish i could go to HK!awww i really want to watch Rainman theatre with Josh Hartnett, thats my next craze, and ministry of sound has a 24hr licence soon so i want to go 11pm to 11pm!

Flower Jewellery


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[09 Aug 2008|04:50pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

finally got round to watching mr hk 2008 contest,.. *highly amused* especially when they were in ::speedos:: + had to get wet!most of them looked too baby faced, but the winner was quite cute, a typical a.b.c :p when they had to dress as their heros, why did someone pick aladdin?!! *giggles*

called to get my samsung tocco changed, i didnt even need to say which colour i wanted, he just knew id say pink *blushes* well i dont think i could ever have a black one!

been a bit of a hectic week, went sushi manic with chee on monday, he was a bit tipsy after one drink, he said, 'can i borrow your arm' thought he was joking but he needed to be propped! :p we abused the 50% off voucher, was only £23, cheap ^.~ went for cakes afterwards too.. had a biology session, i was being the teacher, he has no clue about anything.. new vocab: spooning

met hana baby for a cocktail on wed ^.~ my new love: ->toasted almond<- in the slug *yum yum* quick girlie giggle --> i left about 9 but didnt get home til after 10 ¬¬ the tube didnt stop at my station so i had to get off one early, but the trek was more than 40mins >.< the worst things were: darkness, quite freaked out + i was completely lost! *panic* called my housemate + she had to look in the a-z!! *worst nightmare* felt like the longest walk in my life,.. after all them stories about stabbings etc >.<

thurs night was kathryns leaving do, a karaoke pizza party! not sure what to expect but it was in a family run cafe, we were in the basement. it looked like a complete student dive! disco ball, own bar,... they even ran out of cider, so people sneaked some from the shop back!tom = human bottle opener came in use :p it was a fun night, especially the amount of pizzas + chip filled pizza boxes ^.~ the songs on offer were so crap, half of them i didnt even know!there was a choice of twinkle twinkle little star + eensy weensy spider?!![] well there was 2 kids about 7yrs old randomly running around. but we allocators did sing 'cant fight the moonlight'.. awww missed out on sonals falling to her knees singing her all time fave-> celine dion- think twice.. *gutted*

had a burger lunch party yday, didnt feel like much work after that..the menus were dead cute, like newspapers!i had a red hot, with jalepenos, uber giant rings, handcut chips + spicy peanut sauce *yummy* miss alex already >.< even dreamt of her last night *eek* she had a keyhole operation in the end, hope all the cancerous cells are gone now..

wasnt planning to come home this weekend but on thurs i started to feel a bit disorientated, all i wanted to do was come home *blubs* so i booked tickets and grabbed the train last night. must be because last week i saw everyone and i just feel i need a bit more home comforts ..pamper please.. i am usually busy but i still miss being at home,.. my glands have all swollen up, going to stay in tonight + hopefully go out with ulu + kat karaoke-ing tomorrow.. grab the train with spange monday.. cant wait to go tanning, sun, sea+ party, escaping london..

..2 days to go, .M.A.G.A.L.U.F..

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[03 Aug 2008|05:56pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

had an amazing weekend with my pubios :p have such a bad hangover today *blubs* room kept spinning..
walked with mum to town saturday, bad timing, the rain was absolutely pouring ¬¬ grrr.. got absolutely soaked *not impressed* had sandals on, could feel all the grit + dirt on my feet *cringes* bought some cute sale summer tops from new look *beams* theres never any sizes left to be in the sale down in london grrr..

went on the slug bus to lincoln, i actually miss it.. being able to see a view instead of just blackness on the tube is so much nicer to see the sky + trees. everyone was there, cherrybel, her boyfriend, her two sisters + suzanne. had a yoyo buffet, dont think ive had a buffet for ages...the tape teaching mandarin was still on in the toilet ->much amusement.. AC bean came later, got him a chocolate smelling birthday card!got a range of alcohol, an uber giant wine :p was a bit gutted that 2 of the pubes wanted to watch batman instead of going out but we convinced them in the end,.. we started playing a card game called b.u.l.l.s.h.i.t, lots of fun!pube didnt have enough glasses but she did have vending cups, but it made the drink taste a bit tea like + even started leaking *tsk*

kat came round to join us too.. dont know why but me and cherrybel started hiding cards down our tops :p finally when we did go out we went to find amy + carly in their hotel room by the brayford wharf.. queue jumped for trebles ^.~ *yay* awww was so *gutted* i had to go home early, michael came to fetch me from town...ended up being a bit naughty,.. finally he dropped me off at the ocean so i could go home. miss being with everyone so much, even though we have jobs, we are even poorer than when we were students.

cant wait to see michael come down to london ^.^ *arg* need to plan birmingham trip to Ac's.. feels like ages before i get to see them all.. *blubs*

bought tickets for the lion king finally, so excited!!meant to go sushing with chee tomorrow, watch dark knight with hana baby on wed, karoke + pizza thurs, not long until holiday ^.~

..busy week..

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[22 Jul 2008|09:50pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

went to cha cha moon with my cousin last week, like wagamama but chinese :p only £3.50 a dish -> c.h.e.a.p.o even bertter was she paid *tsk* am still gutted we didnt go to see mamma mia, now the trip is cancelled >.< even though i am poorness i still want to see it for the summer feel... we're going on a field trip tomorrow to the jane norman warehouse in coventry *yayness* --> field trip! camera ready ^.~

had an amazing weekend with cherrybel, apart from when we walked home sat night a bus ran over a glass bottle + it cut my leg, it wouldnt stop bleeding >.< *nyah* luckily i dont think i got any glass in it *eek* was trying to tweezer it out, makes me feel physically sick even if it is my leg.. going to end up with another scar,...grrr.. it was fab to see stacey+michelle, uni people again even though hana baby didnt turn up. she texted saying she got called in to work which is a blatant lie. she went out with her friend in the west end, apparantly her friend got spiked + they ended up in A+E til 5am. i think the main reason is because old street is on the opposite side to where she lives, i had to change buses to get home, not very pleasant when your drunk..

took cherrybel to the land of abercutie, it was the same naked guy ¬¬ feel cheated of a trip *hmph* but she did l<3ve all the pretty people..im not sure if ive changed or cherry + me have both changed.. i guess we have more things to think about than we use to at uni so we werent as happy as we use to be..

*arg* forgot to mention about my review, everything is great apart from ive been 'seen browsing the internet'.. i learn very quick, work under pressure, get on with everyone but i need to be more careful, checking work even though i complete everything quickly. so nothing bad ^.^ but i did get reminded i should just concentrate on knitwear dept, i should learn about more reports etc so i can progress instead of just 'allocating'.. which is very true.

went a mad spree in river island sale, bought the perfect tackiest shagaluf dress, it was floral with a diamante belt, and it had neon pink lace[!!] it looked hideous on...-> back it goes >.< but apart from that i got a gorgeous high waisted gold skirt, a bright green cami + a really cutie peach print cross back top.. now i am penniless o.0 well in a way i feel like i can see where ive spent all my money instead of just blowing it on food.. [which i have done too]

it feels strange that boy hasnt called or texted me for 2weeks? hmm... but i dont want to be the first to contact him.. i dont know why i should let it bother me *hmph* rah!!craving liquorice, but sonal couldnt find me any,... came back with dolly mix instead *blub*

..have chicago+spange to look forward to..

[ ~*lEaVe Me a TeAr*~ ]
[13 Jul 2008|10:14pm]
[ mood | excited ]

went to alanna's leaving/welcoming party on wed, met a few river island girlies + tracy who works at burberry. spoke to her all night, shes chinese, met her boyfriend on a dating website ^.~ we have quite a lot in common, so will be seeing her soon for 'yum cha' ^.~ she was telling me about her [not so great] girlie weekend in gtown they booked into a hotel, ha! gravity the place to be ^.~

i wasnt sure if i wanted to go to the hen party on thurs but i felt i had to, kathryn interviewed me+ gave me this job plus shes leaving soon .. >.< got a bit tipsy, bought the hen a ::man remote control:: it ended up being a good night, everyone from work went, we made kathryn wear a shiny bright green dress with an inflatable hen hat o.0 *not a pretty sight* everyone started leaving after the prezzie openin.. but we stayed danced, sang, got free shots, tequila + champagne.. by the end of the night we were dancing on the sofa, smashing glasses, limbo-ing etc the hen was absolutely wrecked, she had to be propped up, we tried to flag a taxi down but one taxi shouted out the window 'you must be joking!' we were standing on that street corner for half an hour, til we finally got one :p felt so bad we sent her away in the cab with all her presents o.0 *arg* then me + sonal ran to the tube, passed the apple shop + saw some guys had pitched a tent?! *giggles* apparantly they we were waiting to buy the new iphone ¬¬ it confuses me when the victoria line shuts at 10pm, i ended up going a detour way :p met a guy who asked if i spoke french, o.0 i just gave him my tube map pointing him in the right direction for kings cross *brownie points*

wanted chips + cheese grr.. but all the shops were shut, thought this was london >.< so i ended up having a moment crying to cherrybel about wanting a man to get fat+old with *embarassed* after much effort i made stale toast with mammoth amount of butter on... felt really rough the next day. grabbed a mcmuffin on the way in to work though *heaven* everyone started visting maccies for lunch :p much needed grease!

just had the most mind numbing weekend, havent done anything apart from swap my ipod.. it kept crashing grr.. *finger crossed* i bought 3yr insurance, plus id already scratched that one to death! save my monies i guess, cherrybels coming next week, then me + spange are going to see chicago musical *excited* never been to the theatre, been trying to book lion king, the cheapest tickets are about £30 *eek*

going to see mamma mia on wed with work girlies ^.^ all good..pizza express it for dinner *yum yum*

..another week..

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[04 Jul 2008|11:00pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

went home last weekend, finally get to see kat, lumpy + ulu *beams* was absolutely wasted, think me + kats shot races always go out of control,.. had tequila too *ick* felt so so rough the next day, my killer heels = pure torture!couldnt dance or move.. *eek* the funny thing was me + kat had ::matching bags:: was wheeling a suitcase full of mum's individual homemade cooking, weighs a ton, have every type of meat lamb stew, chicken and beef! -never need to cook-

tuesday: lobster munching, there was a rib eating contest tonight, was so tempted to go see the competitive eaters :p met boy and we went to chelsea for lobsters+ribios :p very yummy, massive wait, got a free margurita too but when i tasted the tequila o.0 i wanted to g.a.g..

had my excel training, got lost, my map wasnt very helpful.. it was pointing to a b.u.s.h, rah!doss day, we had 2 20min breaks, an hour for lunch + finished at half 4! ..my ideal day.. me + alex went for drinks after then we thought we'd go for dinner too with alex's boyfriend+ a few workmates... had a really yummy pitcher of martini rosato + apple juice. what i didnt expect was everyone [all guys] from his work to turn up! even his boss?! curry with alex + co. felt like the longest dinner of my life o.0 it was so so awkward *eek* id never met any of these people, not even alex's boyfriend chris!when i asked for water, i got this massive hairspray bottle -> posh norway water :p in the end the boss paid for all of us, the bill was about £400. wish he was my boss!felt so bad.. i wasnt expecting him to pay, i tried to give himm money for drinks but it wasnt even enough for a round :p

amy called me earlier, meeting her tomorrow for a camden spree *beams* desperately need summer clothes, holiday.. then she told me boy had introduced himself at the pub :p crazy one! quote: he's so polite + tall!will get the full story tomorrow, could only hear alanna on the phone.. cant wait til alanna comes to jane norman, think shes coming next week! yayness!

was meant to go to hana babys for another sleepover tonight but she texted me at 6.30am to tell me she had a migraine all last nite + couldnt see me.. did she have to tell me so earlier?! *blinks*

..want to see prince caspian..

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[23 Jun 2008|10:48pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

been an eventful weekend again, was meant to meet jennybel on friday night but she let me down, *stuck in traffic* i waited an hour + half for her grr.. oh well at least i had my book >.<

meet amy+alanna for our girlie party aka -speed dating after party- ^.~ this time it was completely dead, the bar orchid was gorgeous, we had 2 free cocktails even though it was meant to be champagne.. *hmph* then we met a guy who looked like prince william [apart from his mouth] *arg* dead posh, thought he was so funny how he talked :p got a few more free cocktails, he was offering ^.~ aparantly the guys paid for that night entry fee :p we were complimentary! saw 'Gee' the guy from last speed dating, he didnt tick any of us *tsk* hard to please! well he is even shorter than me!it was a funny night overall,.. *giggles* we only spent money on our kfc at the end of the night...

ive realised people who work in fast food places are complete retards [no offence] i asked for 7up but when he turned around he gave me a pepsi?out of the collection above the drinks macchine 'NO! 7up' took him literally 10 mins to get our food when everything was already behind him so i dont know what he was actually doing?!grr.. we could have just got it ourselves...

l.o.c.k.e.d myself out of the flat yday o.0 thought it would be fine, leave the front door open, the rubbish shoot is only 4 steps away, the next thing i knew was ::slam:: shit,.. umm no phone, keys, my hair was a bush, shorts, flip flops, glasses = a mess ¬¬ *arg* my flatmate never comes home, im screwed! luckily the window was open so i hitched it as wide as it would go, tried to hold the blinds+climb in, too high >.< hmm.. finally i had to knock on our neighbours door who ive never spoken to or seen, 'can i borrow a chair please, ive locked myself out' *blushes* even with the chair i didnt reach, *hmph* had to lodge the blinds up+ i sort of flipped head first through the window >.< at least he didnt watch me, bum in air, not a pretty sight,.. that will teach me never to go out without keys!

thought id stay in but it got to half 3, was going a bit mental so i called chee+went to his house, glad we did.. watched kung fu panda had dominos pizza *yum yum*.. wouldnt recommend it though :p we also fed a squirrel =sweet chilli= kettle chips, which according to suzanne has 1000 calories a bag.. bye bye squirrel, he l<3ved them~~

cant decide on which phone i want, none of them are that exciting, i just know i need lots of minutes-> fry my brain!!

..tra la la..

[ ~*lEaVe Me a TeAr*~ ]
[01 Jun 2008|09:44pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

its been another quick weekend,..went out for drinks after work on friday, it was jenni's leaving do but i dont know whether its the feeling that i cant relax or im too conscious when im with work people to enjoy myself.. hopefully this feeling will disappear soon..

met boy on sat, went for tapas again, no sunshine this time.. then we went to new malden, zone 6, the streets are just korean,..little bit like china town, complete with supermarkets.. it was one of the best korean bbqs + cheap aswell.. the menu was mostly in korean, no clue >.< had an upset tummy later on though,.. *eek* went to see 'harold+kumar' at the cinema, more popcorn *nyah* was so funny, l<3ved it.. they had a vagina party!!

then on the way home we turned the corner and two girls just started shouting Anna, Nick *blinks* didnt recognise them at all! it was hannah thornton+ emma galpin, its a crazy small world :p then rachel+chrissie turned up too...if we took a minute longer we would have missed them! they asked if we wanted to go out, but i didnt feel well or we would have gone for a few drinks ^.~

big brother! <3 not that i actually watch it, just like seeing who goes into the house.. :p thought sweat shop primark was meant to be on tonight hmm.. went to spitalfield market with Chee today, had an amazing burger in Giraffe, falafel, houmous + mint *yum yum* bought some ::protect+perfect:: wrinkle stuff from boots, keep the lines away.. *fingers crossed*

..count down..

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[29 May 2008|02:45pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Rah! was well annoyed on Sunday because we had booked that specific train + seats! But it was packed so they wouldn’t let anyone get on, bloody football fans ¬¬ leeds vs doncaster,… why wembley?! *nyah* I don’t see why they couldn’t get off the train as they haven’t booked seats, so they aren’t exactly priority! even though they added extra carriages on the next train which was 14mins later, we still didn’t get a seat! *anger*

It was torrential rain on Sunday >.< *tsk* mum bought a ginormous box of ‘dragon eyes’ fruit +a 5kg bag of rice for me, nearly killed me on the way home.. we went selfridges shopping, mum bought a Gucci bag.. she did offer to buy me that dkny bag I wanted.. but I just felt bad, so ive kept the one shes got me, its quite handy ^.~ [also bought another one from DP yday *eek* ive always wanted one since last year, even though its similar to my purple one] never have too many bags, its my new obsession over shoes.. took her to belgos, we munched a whole duck and a kilo of mussels, she even wanted dessert! Its sometimes a bit annoying having too much family, meeting up with everyone individually and chee’s family couldn’t meet on Sunday grr… went for ‘real’ kebabs, was gorgeous but went a bit meat crazy!

Stayed round boys tues night, so jealous of his flat, looks like a hotel, gorgeous view of the river and he has 2 balconies+ 2 bathrooms ! greedy! Should have a bbq at the weekend! He gave me freebie Andrew collinge shampoo conditioner + radox shower gel…I should work in marketing, they have all these ‘team building exercises’, bonuses and free drinks tabs ¬¬ *gutted* had Yo!sushi, love the novelty of it all, only had 9 plates, will do better next time!

Did I mention my mums friend wanted to set me up with a boy?! Completely random, my mum just ignored the subject when she bought it up :p ‘Anna doesn’t have a boyfriend but she just plays around’ think he must be real ugly if he needs people to help him ^.^

..its nearly the weekend..

[ ~*lEaVe Me a TeAr*~ ]
[15 May 2008|11:31am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Its all going a bit ::pear shaped:: again *blub* we were meant to go on a day trip to the warehouse in coventry.. grrr… this morning when I got to the station +Natalie told me the train was suspended I though she was joking. *hmph* tried to get a train from Paddington but its rubbish… so im at work again, was so looking forward to finishing at 4pm *hmph* meant to be meeting nick at 5 o.0 oh well… later is better for cinema ^.^ less talking…have convinced him, he wants to see a chick flick, ‘what happens in vegas’, l<3ve both Ashton + Cameron!

Went out for dinner last night at ->Ping Pong<- with work girlies, its gorgeous décor but I think I prefer the real HK dim sum ^.~ think it was a bit elaborate but they had really cool drinks + tea bundles that when you added hot water, it opened up into flowers *easy amused* had soft shell crab, Vietnamese spring rolls with the classic lettuce, not that we did wrap it! ^.^ *yummy* but im missing my chicken feet *grins*

Bought a new hand bag yday *tut tut* but it was 20% off, couldn’t help it, need to treat myself, have been good for the past few weeks >.< not that I do have the money *eek* cant wait til Saturday speed dating with Amy! So excited to see Cher again on Tuesday *missed* her so much, the voice of reason ^.~ going to play gooseberry again, grahams coming down too!

did i mention im going to spy on paris hilton in selfridges at lunch?!!

..no rain pls!..

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[01 May 2008|10:34am]
[ mood | amused ]

::Pay day:: thought i would be ecstatic to see the money in my account but im probably numb from seeing the -overdraft figure- now.. was taxed £650 o.0 *not impressed*

had a toxic chinese take away last night, the sweet+sour sauce dyed my thumb orange o.0 *rah* think i might possible glow in the dark now!got coconut rice with it + some sesame prawns, proper pig out session.. the coconut rice had spicy ginger in it, sultanas etc... bit strange ¬¬ wont be going there again

*shopping spree*

have no clue what im going to wear them shoes with, a black dress + pink clutch bag[?] but i def need a black bag.. really love all the debenhams, julien macdonald bags... hmm.. this is my mission later ^.~ need one big enough to put my flip flops in! [after party shoes]

booked some tickets for 'forgetting sarah marshall', 22.50pm it finished around 1am :p so the plan is to fetch kat from the station on friday, drop her suitcase off at mine, go out for a meal + cinema. Saturday shopping, fetch Winx at lunchtime from the station + go out later to =Sound=.. so its all shop shop + party party!

..*count down* cant wait!..

[ ~*lEaVe Me a TeAr*~ ]
[25 Apr 2008|01:50pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Baking day! Went down a complete disaster, picked the wrong tray for the brownies so it was a bit thin + crunchy,… the cookies, the top tray was a bit to brown [chocolate burnt] and the bottom tray looked a bit pale *embarassed* the mar bars crispies, I didn’t put enough butter into the mixture [thought id be healthier] but they came out rock solid o.0 oh well,.. learnt from my mistakes + next time it sound be all perfect!! ^.~ but it was all eaten anyway ::no wastage!:: ulu just laughed at me all the time ¬¬

This week seems to have dragged, only went for a ’donkey soup’, katsu + rice with my cousin on Monday, freebie lunch again… that’s my only outing of the week,.. been home all other days.. *tsk* turning into a couch potato! going to get my hair chopped at a Korean’s when I do finally get paid!! Want something a bit stylish, had the same cut for ages *nyah*

My flat mate told me she has a new work colleague who has just moved down to London like me + he really wants to meet me :p I have a companion to go exploring with! He keeps asking her if she has spoken to me yet… *eek* don’t think il have time til the end of may :p spange is coming down tonight, meeting me after work then we will go out and meet mr myspace guy o.0 we wont get abducted hmmm… thinking of wearing my new top as a dress, thing is its black and doesn’t look quite right with the leggings, it’s a toss up between boots and high heels… knowing me il be in agony before the end of the night[!] need to take back up flip flops… was just thinking if I wear my trench coat and just have my legs out, id look like a right ->f.l.a.s.h.e.r<- *giggles* don’t even know if I want to use the clutch bag or not, know what Im like if im drunk… but I doubt that, too expensive!! Can imagine us both getting lost, it will be a mission to find our way home ^.~

Decide later after my speed shopping, want a new bag!! Still love my purple one, but I just need a new l<3ve..

..long weekend..

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